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Manufacturer: ValvulasZubi
Article: 300EV

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Knife Gate Valve ZUBI

Knife Gate Valve ZUBI

Knife Gate Valve ZUBI

Knife Gate Valve Zubi sl used as shut-off valves on pipelines transporting liquid, powder, gaseous media. Also used as a locking body in the metering devices for example for silos. Using the knife gate valves Zubi sl in various industries widely. As an example, the main areas of application: production of cellulose, water, water treatment, wastewater treatment plants, sewage, chemicals, petrochemicals, food industry production of spirits, wines, juices and beverages, cement and mortars. In the manufacture of knife gate valves Zubi sl used the most advanced technology materials, and employed many years of experience in the design and construction, as well taken into account new trends in industrial design. Today, knife gate valves Zubi sl is the best product among the knife gate valves in Ukraine. Our prices are competitive for the end customers of knife gate valves, we offer significant discounts.

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13 january 2013 year
Думаю, что из этих задвижек можно выбрать нужный тип.
27 may 2013 year
Вы правы, если задвижки шиберные, то это ZUBI!
28 october 2013 year
Мне нужны задвижки шиберные со штурвалом на канализацию, диаметром 200мм (Ду200),10 штук.Есть ли у Вас в наличии на складе,какая цена за 1 штуку и сколько будет стоить со скидкой,если я куплю 10 штук?
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